I have a totally weird riff/finished song ratio (I got like 100 riffs, and maybe 5 songs)

I just almost never seem to be able to find a good way to continue a song
im like that too man its terrible cause when you get a good riff you think its always gonna turn out great, but it never gets finished
i have no problems with that i just play the riff in some minutes
and then i by '' mistake '' play more so it sounds like a verse and then i do so the verse be great !!
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well, if the vocals have a good melody, what a lot of people do is use the intro riff, then start some drums (while the riff is still going), and the leave the drums and the vocals for lets say a verse, then you can start to add more stuff if you want. This helps a lot when you want to make a great chorus because thats when you will want to add guitars and stuff again, it's imo a very good way to do both things, link a riff to a song and build up your chorus. After the chorus you might wanna add more stuff to the next verse though.