I've been looking into splitting my LPs stock pickups (490r and 498t) after seeing that they "come with four conductor shielded wiring for series/parallel/split coil variations." I am a wiring novice and have no idea what to do or how to do it.

I've looked a a few diagrams and have kind of figured out what goes where but I've yet to come a cross one that will lead me through it step by step. So I've come to GB&C for help.

Is there anything I need besides a Couple of Push/Pull pots and soldering iron to perform this mod? Can I do it at all?


Ill post pics of what I've got now in a minute.

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The 490/498 sets that come standard in Gibsons don't have the 4-conductor. The aftermarket ones do.
You can't coil-split those, sorry.
If it's any condolence I coil-split the pickups on my LP with several different pickups and thought it sounded awful.