i remember reading something once. it was an interview with paul gilbert. when asked about using lots of distortion, he said he used to think that he liked lots of distortion, but he found that what he really liked about that sound was the resonance and sustain that was an automatic side effect of distortion, and that the actual distortion just made the whole thing muddy. so he said he found that he liked to boost his resonance and sustain while keeping the gain kinda low and that makes his sound. anyone know how he does this? like how could i boost my resonance and sustain without distortion? thanks
Volume and a well set up guitar, along with good tone in the fingers. It all helps.

A compressor helps too, but a certain level of distortion is needed.
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I'd recommend better pickups.

that did wonders for my resonance and sustain and all around sound, and i need less distortion too
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