I am looking for a new amp; I currently have $500 and will get around maybe $300 more a couple months from now. I need an amp than can produce a distorted sound as close to Lamb of God's or Opeth's as possible, with good-great cleans, and of couse versatility is always a plus. I recently was reminded of B-52 amps, the particular model that I have been looking at the most is the AT-112. I have heard quiet a few good things about this amp, and because it seems to fill my requirements I want to get some opinions to see if it really is too good to be true; any help would be greatly appreciated.

AT-112: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/B52-60Watt-1x12-Tube-Combo?sku=480046
If you can have more money in a couple of months then keep saving up. It's better in the long run.

Going from the VK112 to the B52 AT112 is not that big of an upgrade.
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I've owned it, great little amp, with a big sound. Not a very drastic step up from your VK though, you might want to save up some more to get something really awesome.
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with 800 you can go used and buy something nicer. Like people say, it won't be a big upgrade from your VK
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Its an amazing amp, and although its way better than the VK, it won't be too much of an upgrade. Trade in or sell your VK for it, or save more.
it would be great for those bands, but you could save up a bit more and do better. look used and see if you can find a peavey XXX/ULTRA combo. they have a kind of mesa-ish sound, which is good for LoG and opeth. if your lucky enough, you might even find one for <$500, but if its more, that wont be a big problem since your about to get more money

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