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So yeah, I actually strated this song a long time ago, but I just got around to finishing it the other day. Starts off kinda proggy and gets more arabic and epic as it goes on. It's also got the longest solo section of any song since my song Frozen in Time. Not sure if it'll have vocals though, and I'm not sure if it all flows as well as it could, so I'd appreciate some advice on the transitions. I'll also do c4c when I get time too.
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Great Song, i'd really like to hear an actual recording of it, rather than just midi and guitarpro. If you ever do record it, lemme know. as for vocals, I'd say just keep it as an instrumental.
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Hey that's a damn good tune. I can definately see influences from bands like Dream Theater Symphony X in there aswell as maybe Protest The Hero etc.
I think that the transitions are very smooth and don't have a problem with them at all, there could be a bit more in the keyboard parts but I'm sure your primarily a guitarist so I'm sure that's how you would want it. My only criticism really are the first 3 sections which don't really fit in with the rest of the song, however on their own they would make an excellent Prog-metalcore tune, and I especially like "Verse II" which could make an excellent chorus.

If you have time check out the latest tune on my profile (that I'm uploading as we speak) It is as of yet untitles but the file name is (Heavy mkIV)
oh man i thought you're a bit of a (insert insult here) by boasting your piece and calling it so many times epic, but i was wrong.Sorry!!!
your skills are quite bad@$$ i liked it and enjoyed it a lot, very solid piece, no shredding wankery and sh&t, just good riffs with super speed and ... lots of hours of work.
Seriously, you'll need some epic lyrics for it!
Well it kinda gets a bit repeating, mainly the intro>verse thing, but yeah, i can cope with it.
One thing i realized is that your riffing seem to be similar(example : intro riff and prechorus(bar34)) . If you don't know what i mean here it is : 3 bars of same thing and then a bar with some higher note ending, but well, that's not bad, since the riffs are good, but thought to point that out.
I also added solos i cant play in my GP attempts its funny but sad, i cant compare myself with you, you're by far better.
Anyway epic song is epic ! Keep Anubis rocking!
Crit 4 crit?this is my song

Edit: oh yeah i forgot, i say at the outro, when the last distorted chord is played, let the acoustic guitars already be heard, playing something. something like Double Talking Jive from Guns'n'Roses
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holy ****
dude, that was awesome...
it feels like the human abstract arabic style mixed up with btbam!
i think your song is great.
the only remark i have is that the intro feels too long..
keep u the good work man!


crit my song if you want to: here
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Holy sweet mother of god dude.
That was amazing. I'm like, grinning from ear to ear. So many things I dig about this song. The whole "egpytian" vibe is brilliantly done, the intro does feel a bit too long but the rest of the song is so amazingly constructed. I love "chorus II" and then when it comes back into the key change and fading out with the acoustics. Gah, man. Well done. The "Prog riff" I felt was especially well done. Very Dream Theater. The tapping bridge was pretty cool and it lead into "chorus II" really well. Didn't feel jarring at all which is rare. You've really done a great job man. You've got "teh giftzorz" with music hehe.

The fact that it's on 7-strings had nothing to do with me thinking it was amazing.
Absolutely nothing.
Not a thing.
I love you and everything 7-strings are associated with.
Intro and verse I were alright, but nothing really special. The time signature was a little hard to follow for me, maybe because of the drums.

Verse II was ****ing epic.

Proggy riff was kinda meh for me. Bar 74 was a nice change. Ethereal was alright, but the modulation didn't really do anything for me.

Tempo change at the Bridge = win. Arabic Epicness and Chorus II were amazing as well.

LMAO! Solo III = AMAZING. Loved that key change... or whatever.

Overall, pretty cool song. I think it could be improved, but I don't know how
Im liking the intro and the first verse.

Verse 2 was pretty awesome too. I like how it sounded pretty happy and the choir aahs makes it feel gigantic.

I found the arabic melody kinda cliche. sounds like a lot of arabic esque melodies i've heard in prog songs. But it still works

Proggy riff is really danceable . Im not feelin it past measure 74 here though. Not as good as the beginning of the proggy riff part

Ethereal...whatever that means makes the song feel big again. I love that in songs.

Prechorus seems kinda awkward. Not sure how you could improve though. Chorus makes up for that though. Great job.

Everything after that is perfect.

The solo is great and i love how it builds up. I could feel the tension in my body but then i noticed after the key change, the feeling like evaporated. It still good though.

Acoustic outro is my favorite part.


The only thing I didn't like was verse II, and the pre-chorus. Everything else was awesome.

I especially liked the solo.
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That was pretty awesome. Do you happen to listen to Aghora? Some of your phrasing reminds me of Santiago Dobles. Check them out if you haven't heard them.
Maybe U2 wouldn't suck so hard if they stopped preaching and started rocking instead. Of course, that's difficult to do with Pantera holding a near monopoly on all things that rock.
...Very, very, very well done.

The only part that I can say needs to be changed, or needs to go, is the Pre-Solo/first solo section [all the way until the synth comes back]. That whole part absolutely ruined the awesome vibe and flow you had going there [even the solo wasnt as good as you're capable of].

Everything else in the song was as good as I've ever seen out of you. Everything.

What's cool is I can still see where you're coming from; I see your melodic death influences still with MPE and Scar Symmetry and such.

And if you dont listen to Pagan's Mind, Anubis Gate and Andromeda, do so immediately. This song reminds me of all of them.

wow. zach. this is most likely your best song yet. even better than your classical prog, although i liked that a lot. the solo for anubis. is mind blowing. seriously. john petrucci him self would get a boner, while michael romeo would bow down to you and start rubbing his own nipples in jealousy and/or as an act of worship. that solo is tasty. period. i dont know how you keep writing epic song after epic song, but you do. and theyre all good. right now to me it seems like youve got nothing left. ...what else can you put into your next song. everythings gone. but you will do it. you will write yet another creative masterpiece. many people have probably told you this, but you need to be in a band. now. i would pay for this stuff. top dollar m o t h e r f u c k e r. its too bad theres no one in your immediate area that wants to make a metal band. start doing some advertisements, asking for collabs on ug. maybe some newspaper ads you know. this talent cant go to waste cause seriously this is like dream theater quality. perhaps better. PLEASE JOIN A BAND OR MAKE ONE.

crit: dont touch it. its perfect at this point. it is your style and nothing felt out of place AND the transitions were fine. sometimes deliberately sudden transitions from one feel to the next are good.

Your work is always great.

I liked that the Arabic-sounding riffs wern't overused and the whole piece wasn't repetitive.
Nicely put together!

I really like all of it.

Intro: was nice and chaotic, 7/8 time will do that to ya.

Verse 2: I'm defenitley feeling a Dream Theater influence there - great work.

Arabic Melody: Once again you have the DT feel going. Sounds like mike portnoys drum work

Proggy Riff, meas 74: Awesome! You continue the DT feel in the proggy riff and then put in a few bars to headbang to at measure 74.

Ethereal, Pre chorus, Chorus: I like how it gradually returns to the original kind of sound you had going in the intro.

Bridge: I love that fade in at measure 121. That tiny little detail makes all the difference.

Arab Epicness: Not much to say about this, the title says it all. Nice little fill at the end though.

Pre-solo: Another headbanger there. ****ing awesome riff, even if its so simple.

Solo 1, 2, 3, 4: I have to say i liked part 1 the most out of the solo setion. Part 4 reminds me of Necrophagist.

Acoustic Outro: ****ing brilliant

Awesome composition dude. Kind of makes me wonder what Nile would be like if the were more melodic...

Your songwriting skills are miles in front of mine. I'll edit this post with a link when i post one of my compositions.

Here it is:
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dude u blow us away every time, i knew who it was before id looked at ur name on the page or the song.
So goddamn good. Epic as ****. Only part I didn't like, I don't think you should have put all of Chorus II/key change after the solo. That part sort of dragged on a bit. Maybe just go straight to the acoustic part. That's my only qualm with it.

C4C? =)
In my sig.
The intro is very nice. Very chaotic as compound signatures do to songs.

When the choir and strings come in it's very epic :] Very nice.

Ethereal has a very nice 'heavenly' sound. The title of ethereal is very suiting for it. The melody in it fits very well.

The pre-chorus does it's job and intros the chorus nicely. The change was very smooth, and i wouldn't have noticed had I not been looking.

The chorus itself reminds me of Ethereal. Not a bad thing.

The bridge is very nice. I really enjoy the tapping :] Gives it a good feel. Also seems a bit chaotic to my ears, but that's a good thing for me.

Proggy Riff definitely has some Symphony X influence. It sounds like something that Michael Romeo would write.

Then Arabic Melody grabs you by the balls and rips them off. It just tore me in half and left me to die. Amazing stuff.

Chorus II is by far the best thing in my opinion. It's as epic as it gets. And then then melody is amazing.

The pre-solo is nicely done. And intros it very nicely.

Solo I was very well put together, very melodic. Sets the stage for the next solo.

solo II does a nice job of picking things up with the harmony and fast arpeggiated sections, and speed.

Nice! A key change :] gives it an even more epic feel than it had before. Makes it sound like a warrior just completed his journey.

Solo IV seems like it's that warriors way of celebrating, and then prepares for the journey home

Bring back the chorus and add another key change and you've got yourself an amazing section.

The clean outro could not have been done better. The only real thing I would change about it is I would let the instruments, aside from the guitars, fade completely out and then let them continue alone for a little before just dropping silent.

That's just my own opinion though... I still love this piece of music.

10/10 definitely.

A good way to get an interesting sound (in my opinion) is to set Lead I to the right/left speaker, and then Lead II to the opposite. Same thing with the acoustics. It makes the harmonies just that much better. Same thing with the acoustics. Or have it do that when solos come up. That's my personal preference. Nothing to fault a song on or anything :] Just a little extra stuff.

There is literally nothing I could change to make it sound any better at all.

You could definitely make a career off of this.

It's nothing as good as this, or in this style of metal, but C4C?
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the beginning wasn't really my cup of tea, because it's not my type of music. but i think verse II is a very good part. it fits very well after the first stuff (which wasnt my cup of tea )

i really liked the arabic melody-part. u created an awesome athmosphere, which transferes the arabic flair very well! reminded me of riverside
the prog riff kind of blew my mind! really awesome part, also reminding me of riverside.
i liked those two parts most.

i didnt like the ethereal part two much. the strings are way too loud. maybe u could have tried to transfer the athmosphere more within the guitars then in the strings

the first part of the first chorus wasnt my cup of tea, too. but it's very well written

in the arabic epic part i think the strings too loud. same as in the ethereal-part.

but than i liked chorus II! good athmosphere, changes the dynamics of the piece very well.

the solos are kind of mind blowing. they fit very well, they transfer this arabic flair almost perfect (i say "almost"; because i think, perfect is a status noone can reach^^)

i didnt like the key change that much. was kind of the same as chorus too, but a little lower... not thaaaat impressive, i think

the outro blew my mind again. very good. very good athmosphere here.

well. great song!

mybe u wanne crit mine?
i apologize for my bad english.
Really mind blowingly well written much like your classical metal thingie!

A little question, do you use any special scales or modes for this or do you go by feeling and sound?
awsome, i mostly like the melody u used in the solo 3
great job! nothing more to say

Quote by Zeltaok
Really mind blowingly well written much like your classical metal thingie!

A little question, do you use any special scales or modes for this or do you go by feeling and sound?

he's using the B harmonic minor scale, on key change he goes to the F# harmonic minor
Cool tune, but you forgot to change the drums for "Arabic Melody" and "Proggy Riff" when you copy/pasted them from Octopus.
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The only part of the song I don't like is "the only part I cannot play"
I think it is just horrible sounding; too many notes together

the only other comment is that I mute the choir ahs, they are overpowering to me
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Hey, you have something new! Excellent

Intro is nice and solid and the drums really make the 7/8 sig work. Great scale as well, really dark sounding. Love the way the keys enter as well. Very good start here! The harmonised verse is f-ing epic - one day you'll have to teach me how you write your strings...incredible.

Verse 2 is also awesome - the first sweep is perfect but I'm not so sure about the one in 49...I think it might be because of the drums - but i'll let you off cos it's so damn difficult to slow down the drums and keep it fluid. I have to say I'm not really feeling the Arabic melody that much - I think it's because of the odd bars like 53 where it's just solid semiquavers/16ths. Mix it up a little here with the timings.

The proggy riff is well written but honestly doesn't work for me. To me it sounds like what Dream Theater try to do all to much in my opinion - works for some people but not so much for me any more - the 7/8 to 6/8 switching. It's a bit too upbeat and happy after the dark section and I'm not sure it fits perfectly. The next section though is very good once more - love that chugging low B rather than standard drop D. The ethereal section has nice chords and licks but I'm not sure you need to be in 10/4 really - just makes it sound odd to be honest. Pre-chorus is very nice - it's good the way you make the keys take the lead for the first bit.

Chorus is excellent as always - great harmonies, but the bridge transition is one of the best things you've ever done. In fact as i keep writing this just keeps getting better. Nice chorus again, can see it working well with vocals. I'm really not a fan of the pre solo though, it just feels very empty with the keys suddenly dropping out. The solo's nice though - hitting the right scale tones for that eastern sound Haha the second solo is pure wankery but it kinda works in spite of that because of the third, melodic solo. I'm a big fan of some of the legato lines you've got here. Looks like you've been practising a bit! It's good to see you soloing over more atypical chords with the add9s as well. Solo 4 is a good end but it's really just you trying to say you have 4 solos isn't it? It's pretty much just the end of solo 3 haha.

Chorus 2 is good till the key change, which makes it so much better. My main problem with the outro is that it doesn't go on long enough. That acoustic duet has so much potential - it's already very good but you could lengthen it a bit - it's so damn beautiful.

So yeah, I really liked this in parts but there are a few things I feel you could improve on...then again it may be partly because I've outgrown most of my shredhead days! As always mate, go with what YOU think - but your stuff is still so much better than anything I'll ever write...
Holy crap, do you know how much I love this song? I LEARNT it. That's how much.
In all honesty, I don't have much to say, I just wish there was a recorded version of this song.
Quote by fabulousfred
Cool tune, but you forgot to change the drums for "Arabic Melody" and "Proggy Riff" when you copy/pasted them from Octopus.

Hot damn, good find! I knew there was something off about the section when I heard them (I know because me and fellow folks from mysongbook like Jester's "Octopus" were plagiarized here on UG before, I posted a callout thread about copycat 'sidewinder')

So before any more of the unsuspecting public is going to sing praises here, let me spell it out clear for you

(at least) a Section of this song is STOLEN from another song!

Anubis - the "arabic" bit from bar 50 onwars is more or less a direct lift from:
Octopus - the original song, check "epicly arabic" from bar 107 on.

After that, the "proggy riff" from Anubis, bar 66, copied at least the drumbeat from the original Octopus, bar 115, just a little sped up in 7/8.

I included both files in an attachement so people can easily compare, or if the OP would be so daft as to make a hasty edit.

The original composer, as well as the mods, have been notified. Would the OP here care for some statements, in case there's any excuse or rationalization for this ? And ironically, at least if the rest of your song is legitly yours (sorry, but that incident also casts suspicion on everything else) it doesn't seem like you actually needed to steal...
compare the
hey guys, about that little thing regarding jesters song, it was kind of a subconsious thing, i really admire his work and wouldn't want to rip him off in any way, the rest of the song is all mine, just that section was really too close to his I guess haha, so yeah, sorry about that, I'll just remove that section then I guess. Sorry about that everyone, I really didn't mean to rip anyone off. It was really just jester worship completely lol. I also edited my first post explaining it a little more.
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dude it wasn't "subconsciously close", it was directly copied and pasted, exactly the same notes, placements and rests as his version on the drums for example (it's easy to see from the difference in tabbing style when 'your' section ends and 'his' section begins), that was not subconsciouly, unless you hit crtl-c in your sleep. Pretty weak now
"yeah" as in "yeah I directly copypasted it" and "I don't care" as in "oh looks I got caught, well I take it out and everything should be fine, lalala" ?

dude, again, to make you understand what the point is: you don't go around saying to be "subconsciously influenced" and "all accidental" and stuff, when it's pretty obvious that it's a direct copypaste lift. Don't make it sound as if you had somehow no control over it like it was a ****ing unlucky coincidence (the only unlucky coincidence being here that you were called out on it).
You didn't "compose" your "arabic section" yourself from start and then later 'suddenly remembered' that "oh it sounds like that cool song I heard years ago"...On the contrary, it's pretty obvious that you heard Jester's Arabic section first, thought it sounded like something that would fit in your stuff, directly copypasted it in and made some minor tweaks.
The 100% matchup on the drumbeat even down to the minor details make that pretty clear.

So at least drop the charade and be honest about that the song didn't come "subconsciously" to you but you consciously clicked ctrl-c
I did copy the drums ok? And I used the same melody but layered a different chord progression and put slight variations on the lead alright? I don't want to be accused of stealing stuff anymore, I'm sorry I did what I did, the only reason I did it was to help me get more riffs written that could flow so I could finish the song, I should've gone back and pulled that section out before I posted the song. I feel like a dumbass; I admit it. This is the only time I've done something like this and I won't do it again, so please stop bothering me about it.
I'm kinda' pissed taht you stole a part from that other dudes song, however I don't see it becoming a major problem in the song. The FACT you stole it does kinda kill it a bit but said that I think the rest of the song works very well and it is really done. Avoid trying to copy next time, even if you are desperate.
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