Right now i need a tube amp and cant decide between a carvin X100B and Peavey valveking so id figure id get some expert opinions.

before answering consider the following:

-I play mostly modern hard rock/alternitave metal. Think chevelle, sevendust, tool, a perfect circle.

-I use DR strings

-Almost everything i play is in drop D or B

-I play a gibson les paul studio 1992 with stock pickups

-I make frequent use of the clean channel so it needs to be good.

which should i pick?

IMO the Valveking doesn't have as good tone as the Carvin
I leik music
Get the valveking but get speakers which will be able to handle drop B. The valveking cab I don't think can.
Are you using pedals? I have no experience with the Carvin but the Valveking needs some kind of pedal or you end up with a pretty muddy distorted tone.
I wouldn't even compare these two amps. the x100b is in an entirely different league. If you can afford it, go with that one.
Carvin. The VK doesn't begin to sound great without some help, i.e. new speaker+equalizer.
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