Poll: Image editing subforum: Yay or nay?
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Yeah, that's be awesome.
1 20%
No, that'd suck.
4 80%
Voters: 5.
Well, people of the Pit, do you think a photoshopping subforum would be a good idea? It'd stop the photoshop threads in the pit while still leaving people a place to shoop. I'm no mod, so I can't do this myself and as an October '08er I'm not exactly very influential, so I'm putting up a poll so you can vote yourselves.

And lol that you think this would ever happen.
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Not gonna happen. This is the dumbest suggestion for a subforum I've ever heard.
Anyway, it's the wrong forum to post this.

I actually think it's a pretty good idea
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ermmmm, i don't know if there's enough shooping threads to justify a seperate forum..