Hey peeps

Every guitarist has heard of the legendary mock-rockumentary Spinal Tap.
I absolutley have to see it and I thought it would be cool to watch it with my mom to show here the funny sides of Rock n' Roll and interest her a bit for my hobby.

What I'm getting to is if the movie contains any material that would be considered tasteless by a 50 year-old?

(btw., she laughed at the "these go to 11"- scene on youtube)
Nothing really tasteless.

Apart from the idea for the album cover?

I lol'd at the raja singing at Elvis' grave.
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No its a brilliant film. Not good for non-musicians really but the jokes are great!
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i love the airport scene
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Just watch it beforehand.
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Nothing tasteless really. I love the part when they're performing and the bassist dude gets trapped inside the stage piece.
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Not to forget at the start when they play that gig and they're all playing bass guitars

Nigel is great.
Another great movie about Rock N' Roll to watch is "Almost Famous" (It's pretty much my favorite movie lol)
The most 'offensive' parts are the album artwork and some of the songs.
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The most 'offensive' parts are the album artwork and some of the songs.

That's cool then I guess.
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That's cool then I guess.

And even then it's not entirely offensive, unless of course your mum is female.
nope this CLASSIC movie relies on humor in dialogue and the strength of the story and characters not toilet humor.

this is one of the greatest movies of all time!
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The most 'offensive' parts are the album artwork and some of the songs.

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What's wrong with being sexy?


Yeah, I love that movie. There's nothing explicit really. Some cussing and the lyrics to some of the songs are hilariously suggestive. "The looser the waistband, the deeper the quicksand..."

My guitar's name is Nigel, btw. <3
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I think that "Bad News On Tour" and "...More Bad News" are better. They were before Spinal Tap and it seems that the creators of Spinal Tap had taken some things from this TV Show.

If any one is interested it's by most of The Young Ones. You can find scenes on YouTube. It's far funnier than Spinal Tap.

Spinal Tap is great though, don't get me wrong.