Hey guys I just baught Ernie Ball 0.10 and was wondering how to put these strings on? I know that I'm post to make it go through the back and out but when I get to the locking tuner do I cut put it through and tighten it? Then cut the extra string? On youtube theres a video where the person says he puts 3 of his finger after the string going through then making a dent.


Around 1:13 he talks about bending the string.

Do I do this also on locking tuners?
make sure you have some slack when you are first tightening it but no dont cut before tuning I never cut my strings before im done tuning then I remove the excess.
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What kind of tuners are they? On Shaller locking tuners you are supposed to take all of the slack away then lock the post, and then tighten/tune.
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With locking tuners, you don't have to do any of the locking shown in the video.
All you need to do is unscrew the locking mechanism on the tuner, push the string through the hole, pull it tight, and then tighten the locking mechanism as much as you can. Then cut the excess string off.
Bring the strings up to pitch, then take the strings and pull up on them to stretch them, then retune.
Some tips for restringing:
-Take one string off at a time and replace them one at a time. This keeps tension constant on the neck rather than going from full tension to zero tension and then back to full tension, which is bad for tuning stability.
-Rub a little pencil lead in the slots in the nut when you restring to keep it from binding; this also helps tuning stability
-If you're using a plug-in style tuner (usually a pedal tuner), switch to the neck pickup and turn your volume down to 3-4 and your tone down. This helps the tuner track the note better.
I have Spergel, I think thats what its called. On my Yamaha Pacifica 812v. So I tighten the string, like pull the string while locking the tuner?
OOPs i meant spertzels in my original post
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You pull the string through the hole, then pull it so it doesn't flop around on the fretboard. Then hold it in place and lock the tuner. Mostly just get it so it looks like it's ready to play, then use the machine head to bring it up to pitch.
And it's Sperzel, btw.
Thanks guys but I heard that you have to turn it a cetain way? Like left or right, this is a stupid question but I'm new and still getting hang of the guitars and theory.
Make sure the string wraps around the tuning head from the inside out.
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