it's a brilliant guitar

I've got one and I can play anythin from eric clapton to slipknot on it, it's brilliant.
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yeah, i've liked the washburns i've tried in the pro series (tried three or four). pretty versatile, obviously better for humbucker tones than single coil tones, though. should cope with most humbucker tones without any bother.
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I'll have to put the Classic T models on my to-try list. Shame the finish options there are Anachronism Gold, Nuclear Waste and Aged Clown, because in principle the plaintop is right up my alley.

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Get some nice Dimarzio or BKP's installed in it and you have a very very nice guitar, I used to own one, its only downfall was the pickups.

I had the X50Q which came with 'Headhunters' which were basically cheap pickups.

I understand the PRO models come with EMG/SD pickups, regardless I'd still change to the pickups mentioned above
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I've got one. With a JB in the bridge you can get some great classic rock tones - Jimmy Page etc. I found the Custom Custom a bit thin-sounding.

Great guitar. It does have a coil split, so you can get single-coil tones, which are good for cleans; just don't expect it to sound like a Strat.