Hey all just started to learn string bending and had a quick question.

Whenever I try to do full step bends a lot of the time I end up hitting the string above it. Is this an issue with technique or am I just being noob?
That was my first guess. Problem is I terrible at muting (see next thread) and am not sure how to correctly go about it. Right now I just use my pick hand and rest it on the above string, is this right?
Well you can do it that way...
I usually use a different finger on my fret hand and rest it lightly on the string.
Hope I helped...even if only a little


Or you can use the same finger and just flatten it out a little more.
try and mute the other strings with your strumming palm, just make sure you dont mute your bend
When I do a bend, I roll my finger a bit flatter so that its not the very tip of the finger on the string I am bending, but the point opposite my fingernail. That way, my fingertip hits the adjacent string, muting it. When I bring the bend back down, I use my index finger on the fret hand to mute it. (I bend with my ring finger usually)

I hope that helps a bit.