What makes the X3 better than the XT? I want one of them, but do not know which one I should get...
The X3 let you run two "amps" at once, and has better recording I/O. It sounds a little better, but the advances were mostly in the double rig department.
If it's going to be your main rig for playing and recording, I'd get the X3.
If you just want something to use occasionally and for silent practice, or if you're just going to use the effects, the upgrade probably isn't worth it, so just pick up a used XT.
I haven't found much use of the X3's extra features for myself. If given $500 to spend and my choice of the two, I would just go with the XT + extra packs. Like I did.
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the distortion is a bit cleaner on the x3 live. mainly due to updated patches. other than that the x3 looks better cosmetically.
Ok, so you guys are saying that for an amiture, (No seroius gigs or anything) The XT will cut it? I mainly play at church, and do some lead guitar with my Epi SG Spec...
yeah the xt can definitely cut it. since you don't do any shows and such i don't think you'll use the x3 to its full potential anywayz. mind as well save a hundred bucks or so.
I just picked up a Pod xt this past weekend at GC on clearance for $199, and I've been pretty happy so far. (especially for the price)
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Ok then, I will contact several people on craigslist about their XT's for sale!