I know this is a weird request but I was wondering if anyone had any tips on getting that ridiculously heavy and evil sound, that purveys an atmosphere like the album was recorded in a morgue or something. I use a GuitarPort, and program drums in FL Studio using ezdrummer with drumkitfromhell addon and stuff actually comes out sounding too clean, or sterile most of the time and I'm not fan of it. The only microphone I have is an SM58 and when I try recording with that I can't seem to get good tone out of my amp (Line 6 Spider III 150 watt). I'm just looking for that sloppy, grinding, evil atmosphere.

The sound I'm looking for is bands like General Surgery, early Carcass (Symphonies of Sickness), Regurgitate (effortless regurgitation mostly, I'm not a fan of the weird production on Carnivorous Erection), Dead Infection and to a lesser extent I guess Entombed. I especially love the production on the first Ghoul album.


Something like that. The guitars have like this weird sounding distance to them, like the mic was placed far away. It's not just the guitar sound though, it's like everything comes together to create this awesome evil sounding atmosphere.

Here's some of my own recordings (ignore the horrendous vocals if possible lol)


Any tips?

Here's a rundown of my recording equipment as well if it helps.

-Jackson DXMG with a DiMarzio X2N in the bridge position
-Line 6 Spider III 150 watt 2x12 combo
-Behringer MIC200 Tube ULTRAGAIN Preamp
-Old Tascam 4 Track cassette recorder (only used as a mixer)
-Shure SM58 Microphone
-Line 6 GuitarPort (as interface into computer)

Will I be able to get what I'm looking for with this likely?
Hmmm well you could try adding reverb to your guitar parts, I especially like adding a lil extra reverb to a doubnled guitar track. The tuning of your guitar might be able to help as well in some ways or even the modes/scales used in your compositions. Locrian is particuarly dark sounding. I liked to use al ot of ambient synths as well that add a nice dark atmosphere to the music.
obliterate all mids and cover it up with bucket fulls of greasy sloppy gain
for the guitar at least
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My guitar is tuned to C standard with 7 string strings on it so the E string is really thick, works nicely though.
EQing is your friend. Reduce the high and low end for a lo-fi sound, after all, what makes lo-fi recordings sound that way is a lack of high and low frequency response. You could try dubbing over 'room noise' too. Just let your mic record dead air, then mix it into the final product.

Alot of older metal and hardcore was recorded with 'too much' distortion on the guitars, which helps create a dense and fuzzy feel to them.
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