So, I'm going to buy a new amp and guitar and would like suggestions.

I made a thread here about this a while ago, and at that time I predicted that i would have a budget of about 600$. I was told by most that it would be best to buy an amp for all of it and then save up for a guitar and buy it later.

Turns out, after christmas and my birthday (which is today), I have a little more than I thought I would, about 1000$ instead, and that probably makes a difference.

So now I would like suggestions of some good amps and guitars in my price range. I play mostly metal (so far mostly Metallica, and that's the kind of distorted tone I like the most), but I don't want to be limited either.

Also, i don't gig, i just play at home.
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go look into a JACKSON DKMG or SCHECTER C1 FR or damien if you are spending $500 below and want a tremolo system.
If you dont want one with a tremolo go look into
AGILES EPIPHONES AND LTDs if you want a les paul body and spending only $500 or lower.

for amps
or a B-52 AT 112
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Anyone else have any suggestion on what i should do ?

Also, I'd prefer not to have to buy used.
peavey xxx, 5150(used) ..... happy birthday man, its my birthday too!

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A good amp for you would be a Valveking or Classic 30 + overdrive pedal it seems. A good guitar...maybe look into some ESP's PRS's, or Ibanez's?
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B-52 AT-112 for the amp
try some different guitars out to see what you like.

Forgot about this one. Check the B-52 out too, supposed to be fantastic amps for the price!
I've been looking around and can't find the B-52's anywhere here (I live in Sweden). And I couldn't find any used Peavey 5150's either.

I'm thinking about a Valveking 112 at the moment.

But I'm also wondering if Ashdown Fallen Angel amps are good? And could it give me what I want?
You would need to buy some pedals and possibly mod a VK if you wanted to buy it.

Remember to split amp and guitar 50-50 or somewhere close. If you have to go over, spend more on the amp.

Look at schecter guitars. They are great imo for that price range.
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If I could get any amp right now, it would be a bugera 6260 combo. Its everything you ever need. and with 100 watts of tube on tap you would never need anything larger. It sounds incredible. They really are top class build and sounding amps. As for a guitar, I drool everytime I see an Ibanez S series and there are a few that are in the 400-600 range, depending on what amp you want. makes me wish I had that kind of money hahaha.