What do you think of the vox ad50vt? is it worth getting if i have a budget of £250?
can i gig with it?
I wouldn't get the AD Valvetronixes as they've been outmoded by the newer VT series, but I don't think the 50w VT has come out yet. That's not to say the AD Valvetronixes are bad amps by any means, though. Pretty sure they're giggable.
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They are. A friend of mine plays a 60VTX and its a great amp. Not tube, but better than the cubes IMO. But, if you play metal, make sure you're able to get a metal sound of them. My friend can, but it need its time to find the right settings.
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They are very nice. Incredibly good. So worth it. On that budget, It's perfect. I would wait for the VT series 50w, unless you need it now.
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i have had one of them as a practice amp for a while and i can't complain about it at all.