Hey I'm Matt, I'm a baritone vocalist and I'm looking to start a band at some stage in the new year. I'm thinking of starting the band in either the West of Ireland(Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo,Leitirm) region or Dublin City where I'm at college, depends on how many people I can drum up from which part of the country.

The idea is to start a cover band and then move to on originals after a while. I'm looking for 2 guitarists,a bassist & a drummer no younger than 16. I realise I'm asking lot.

I've played in several bands in the last 5 yrs, have gig experience and enjoyed a small following with my last band Atomic Blues. A sample of my vocals can be found on the old Atomic Blues Myspace page, www.myspace.com/theatomicblues. Bear in mind the music I want to play now is heavier then the Atomic Blues stuff, and I'm not particularly proud of the vocals I recorded on those tracks.