...in Shackler's Revenge?

And it's a real shame I feel the need to preface this with a "No really. I'm not trolling."

I really wanna learn it, the whole thing, but I can't get the sound right. Can ya really blame me? So, basic stuff: I figure it's in Drop C# (or, Down a Half Step + Drop D)

Now here's my thinking for how many tracks:

1 - Weird Noise Guitar. This is the thing that plays at the very intro, and at random points throughout the song.

2 - Wah Riff Guitar. This is the 'lead' maybe? It's also playing all throughout. Is it just wah, or is there a talk box or something going on there too?

3 - Beefy Metal Guitar. Plays the main riff all palm muted. This one's easy.

4 - Chorus Keyboardy guiter. This is the one I'm most curious about. It's behind the power chords in the chorus, and to my untrained ear, it sounds like an octaver or something going halfway and pulling back on each note. It's the same (?) as the tapping behind the final chorus.

5 - Solo Guitar Tone. Video gamey Buckethead / Bumblefoot tone. DO WANT. :'<

So there's 5 seperate guitar styles there. Anyone doing covers of this song yet? Wanna clue me in to how you're doing it? And, maybe more importantly, how you set up a system to have access to all these different sounds over the course of the song?
"Levelled up. Still no solos."
I'm pretty sure that the Wah riff is defintily with a Wah pedal. Aso for the solo it kinda reminds me of the White Striped song Icky Thump. So whatever effect he used I guess....
i've gotten the video-gamy solo sound with insane amounts of gain and with all the tone cranked, especially the mids
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