Poll: What was the best movie of this year?
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The Dark Knight
36 61%
23 39%
Voters: 59.
To go along with my annual "best" and "worst" movie threads of every year, in your opinion, what was the best movie of 2008?

I can't name just one. I really enjoyed The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Milk, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, and Frost/Nixon.
My favourite film of 08'... Probably "MILF gets fucke...."

Nah, I don't have one.
The poll makes it hard to choose, so many choices...
grok it.


Listen to jazz, it's good for you...
so so many choices...
Warning: The above post may contain lethal levels of radiation, sharp objects and sexiness.
Proceed with extreme caution!
slightly biased poll...

i vote tropic thunder

dark knight was amazing...but i prefer comedy slightly more to action
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Oh man thats amazing, you win midi pure. I don't care whether it's a competition or not

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could have been 3 's but there wasn't nearly enough exclamation marks to emphasize the anger/disbelief

oh yeah
Teeth, hands down. Come on, it's about a girl's vagina chopping multiple penises off. It's the ultimate anti-rape tool.
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You, my friend, win in epic proportions

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Man... now I gotta clean my laptop screen.

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^That has too much win for me to handle....
I think I need a glass of water and a nap.

Wasn't there already one of these...?
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Hmmm me thinks The Dark Knight, though I did really enjoy Iron Man as well...I didnt get to see many films this year Really want to c body of lies tho
I haven't seen a lot of the stuff that came out on/around Christmas, so I'll have to hold off on any serious judgment.
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I'd have to say it's a tie between Pineapple Express and The Dark Night.
Heads will roll. Throats will be slit. Blood will flow like springs of water.
Iron Man or Australia and High School Musical 3.

Dark Knight bored me.
how many of these threads have been made about this now?
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how many of these threads have been made about this now?

Piss off, home skillet.
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+1 for In Bruges

Absolutely amazing movie.
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This man speaks the truth.

What have we learned.....

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.....from this wee exercise?