now, i know that changing tuning isn't great for a guitar, but just on the off chance that i NEED to, i need to know if i could cause any damage by tuning up my guitar up to E standard from drop B tuning. The scale length of my guitar is 25.5 inch and the strings i use are GHS Zakk Wylde boomers, the heavier gauge (11, 14, 18, 36, 52, 70.)

I know i will have to adjust the truss rod (not a problem, done it many times before) but I'm afraid that i might destroy my guitar or something terrible like that since I've never used these strings before.

thanks in advance
thats a big step for your guitar, and with 11's it can put a lot of extra tension on your neck. Good to have 2 guitars for each tuning if you do enough of both, otherwise avoid up and down tuning...but leaving a guitar in E with 11's wont hurt

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Zakk Wylde boomers have ridiculously heavy bottom strings, and tuning up by a whole perfect fourth is quite demanding for the guitar...

It won't destroy your guitar, but if you do it for a long time, you might need to adjust the trussrod.
Quote by Thrash648
um, 11s aernt heavey gauge.

For the e string that's really heavy...
He means heavier than the set of 10's that you can get for the Zakk Wylde boomers.

So far as I know there isn't any real damage you could do so long as you know to adjust the rod and action, etc.
It's probably do-able. Honestly I wouldn't even bother though, because the tension on that 70 in E is going to be retarded.
oh that's fine, truss rod righty tight lefty loosey . i know 11s aren't heavy but the low E string is ridiculously heavy.
those bottoms are ridiculously heavy, my heavies are 12-54 which i play in E standard with
i'd be careful
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Like others have said, 11's are usually fine, but low E in this particular case stupidly heavy. I wouldn't recommend trying to tune to standard with those.
yeah i have 56 gauge E with the ernie ball not even slinky and i tune down to Eb and the tension even with that is nearly pushing it.
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Quote by Mutmoo
Will a pair of .012 gauge strings mess up my guitar if i tune to standard E?

Such as these: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/DR-Strings-PHR12-Pure-Blues-Nickel-Extra-Heavy-Electric-Guitar-Strings?sku=101145

They'll be a bitch to play, but as long as you get it set up for them, it'll be alright. Most jazz guitarists use .12s or .13s in standard, and Pat Martino uses .16s, so you'll be okay.
wow. i use 10-52's on mine and i think theyre a bit heavy. i cant imagine anything too much heavier than that. zakk wylde strings are crazy thick. it's like cable wire. (or bass strings)
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That 70 is going to be an absolute bastard to intonate and play. As long as you set the neck relief correctly you shouldn't damage anything.