Does anyone know where i can get a Jazz scale chart online free, because i can't find it anywhere. It does not really matter which scale, im just beginning to learn the theory of guitar and want to learn jazz.
All scales are jazz scales.

If you want to learn jazz, learn a lot about chords. Often when people refer to jazz theory they're talking about the theory behind certain chord substitutions. You could check out 'The Jazz Theory Book' by Mark Levine, a lot of people hail to it.

And, most importantly, listen to jazz.
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One thing that I try to do a lot of when I play jazz is to play something that lands on a certain tone in a given chord. If you know which chord is coming next, and they have a common tone, that might be the one to target. As you learn to improvise in this way, you learn which tones sound good when you land on them. A lot of times, I don't like to stop on dimished tones, like a flat 9, or something like that. But, those tones make great passing tones. Also keep in mind, though, that what sounds like utter garbage to one player might sound like heaven to another.
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Actually, there is no one single jazz scale that will work for ALL types of jazz. The interesting thing about jazz music is that it is incredibly diverse. Different types of jazz have different types of scales. There are mixolydian scales, blues scales, minor scales, the list goes on.
dont get a scale chart just look up the formula and work out the patterns on your own, you will benefit from it much more