Hi guys.

Ok, strait up, I suck at picking out a pitch. I barely even have relative pitch. I suck

I see that add in GW every month, the "perfect pitch" one. Does anyone know if this actually even helps? I'm willing to try anything but I don't want to throw my cash away. If anyone can give me any advice, or atleast point me in the right direction, it'd be really helpful.

Please and thanks
Yeah I always see that add and I've wanted it but I don't want to waste $140.00 I showed it to my music teacher and she said that it wont get you perfect pitch but it will give you relative pitch.
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I always wondered about that advert myself. I personally dont think anything like that would work!
Actually, if you have played music for long enough, and if you understand music well enough, it will come to the point where you don't NEED a tuner to determine the pitch. You can tell if the pitch is too flat or too sharp naturally. However, this takes a while to master, so don't try to learn it overnight.
Here's some tips:

If you have access to a keyboard, even the cheap ones, then play scales and intervals and sing along with the notes. Make your own basic patterns up and down the scales.

Sing along to melodic music. If you like Billy Joel or Grateful Dead, whoever you like that's melodic, then sing along as much as you can in the car or with your ipod or computer.

Transcribing - anything from a melody line, a riff, a chord, a solo, etc.
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