we are stumped and we need a good song in Eb Or Drop D half Step Down.
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There's quite a few Nevermore songs in a 6 string in those tunings. Try Psalm of Lydia. It's in Drop D half a step down.
pretty sure the entire youthanasia album by megadeth is all Eb.
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for e flat

there's guns n roses, velvet revolver.

for dropped d flat there's
alter bridge, deftones,
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any song that's played in standard or a lower tuned version of standard works. tuning down a half step doesn't magically change the tuning intervals.
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Stuff by The Sound Of Animals fighting. Their new album has some stuff in Eb. Just listen to the whole album, not really sure how hard you're looking for. One of the last 3 songs has a pretty sweet solo in it though.
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Alter Bridge - Metalingus or Alter Bridge - Blackbird
Some newer Megadeth stuff I think is in Eb, try A Toute La Monde
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Weezer's Blue Album and Pinkerton are all 1/2 step down and have some tricky/interesting guitar bits in some of the songs