Poll: Which option should I use to record my demo???
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Option 1 (Boss BR-600, my 8-track Digital Recorder)
5 50%
Option 2 (Computer with Audacity)
5 50%
Voters: 10.
Ok, two options here
The first:
Import backing tracks to my Boss BR-600, then mic my amp (B-52 AT-212) with my SM57 and record that way, then mastering it using the BR-600. The only thing that is annoying to record the wav baking drums and bass from GP5, then upload it to my BR-600, then record, then bounce, then record, then bounce, then master, then upload it to the computer, and my card doesnt have enough space to do all this.
The second:
Import backing into Audacity, then plug my SM57 into my Audigy Sound Blaster sound card, then record an unlimited amount of tracks using Audacity, and master it in Nero Wav Editor. The only downside is, people told me that won't sound very good. I spent all my Christmas money on my SM57, my B-52 AT-212, fixing my dad's friends guitar, and aftr New Years, so I'm in no position to buy anything else. I want to use these to record my 3-4 track demo. The bottom line is, option 1 sounds better, option 2 is easier. Which option should I use??? 1 or 2??
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on a Neve console with excellent mics


Do option A because I would think you could get a better sound than your sound card