well I need to replace my nut. part of it has chipped off during my refinishing project. So how do I get it off and how do I get another one on there??
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go to a guitarcenter or any local shop. They will probably do it for you, so you dont mess up your guitar. They may even do it free =)
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yah im not taking it to a guitar shop. I'll head over to the customizing forum. Btw I got the nut off... was a pain in the ass. someone used some kind of super glue or hot glue.
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I believe you just use two-three drops off very strong glue. That way it stays, yet is removable if you have to remove it for any reason.
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more like elmer's or white glue. But other than that you're right. I just need to know where to find a replacement now. do you know a site?
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guitar center doesnt do things for free.

to get the nut off, you score the edges with a knife and heat the guitar's nut fo rthe glue softens. tap out the nut with a light hammer and screwdriver.

i suggest you get a precut nut to replace it. to put in the new nut you'll need to measure and see if it fits.

if it;s wide then tape sandpaper to a table.

run the nut over the paper until you get to a pre-drawn pencil line you traced onto the nut.

if you dont go slow and take your time, you might over file and have to start over.

the nut gets secured with a little white glue.

if you want the exact part. then go to the guitar's manufacturer get the part number and buy it from GC.

if you want a generic nut then get one off musician's friend or similar

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