hi when you intend to write an instrumental piece do you contruct it or go at it differently to piece that might have vocals in it. For example should you have clear sections of chorus, verse etc. or does it not need that rigid structure? Any help is appreciated
Just don't think about how your writing it and write. I know that sounds obnoxious, but just write it as if there's nothing else to worry about.
If you try and write an instrumental, it won't happen, if you try and write music, It probably will.

writing an instrumental, lol. Instrumentals come into my band whenever we have writers block. My bassist is a genius, he can think of these little riffs that everybody just adds onto. I always thought that instrumentals were supposed to be mostly be improvisional, but im my style, everything is improv(blues/jazz)

If your writing something based off a riff (ie "Steppin Out") just improv a quick little riff, and have everybody build ontop of it

honestly, all of our instrumentals eventually turn into songs with vocals, so don't take all advise from me