I have been waiting to hear back from the guitar store about the Cort guitars they ordered. And I got impatient because the guitars were supposed to be there yesterday, and still not there today, So I asked him about the Epiphone dr200 which is very similar, and they are authorized Epiphone dealers...And he said that it would be better if I waited because the Cort had the synthetic bone nut and bridge, while the Epiphones used cheap Wood. Is this true, and from a noob perspective, how would the bridge and nut affect the sound?

They are both around the same price (the Cort will be $179 and the Epiphone is $199) They both have a solid top...the only difference I can see is the small price difference, the synthetic bone vs wood, and maybe the strings...the Cort comes with D' Addario strings, I don't know what the Epiphone comes with...

So, what is the difference? Which would be the better guitar?
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the nut and saddle affect resonance and tone... Synthetic bone is probably better than wood, and especially better than cheap plastic...
I don't know where that music store guy is getting his information from, but it's incorrect. It's a rare thing to see a new guitar have wood for the saddle or nut. Especially on low end guitars. I'm sure they are made of plastic on the Epiphone, and more than likely it's Tusq on the Cort, which is a man made bone replica. True bone is better yet IMO. It gives guitars a special quality of tone that doesn't seem to be found in any other material. Inexpensive bone blanks are made from cow bone, and is a by-product of the beef industry. Moving up from there you get into the ivories such as fossilized walrus ivory or fossilized mammoth ivory(FWI and FMI for short, respectively). These two are much denser, yet have low mass which equates out to superior transmission of the strings vibrations to the soundboard of the guitar.
Another thing that bugs me about the music store guy's recommendation, why would he want the store to lose money on a potential sale by suggesting a lower dollar guitar over a higher one? Granted it's only $20 but these days, every little bit of income helps, especially businesses.
Choose whichever guitar suits you better. Either one will be ok for that price tag. Neither one is a great guitar however. Just so you know.
You can refit any type of nut or saddle you like. Don't make it an issue in regard to which is the better instrument.