Basically the hardware's rusted on my Ibanez SA160


(had it about 5 years). Love the feel of the guitar and the fretboard/tuners etc are fine, the screws on the bridge end are a bit rusty but doens't really matter, but the pickups have speckles of dust on them and they don't sound great at the best of times.

Think the input jack's ok, the pickup selector has a bit of rust on but still works fine, the tone jack does crackle a bit though.

I want to change the sound of the guitar to suit my playing style.

After something with a bit of a distorted bite/crunch in the bridge humbucker (oasis kind of tone).

Then something bright and jangly in the middle pick up slot

Then the neck, was thinking maybe that telecaster-twang kind of sound? Not sure if i'll be able to reproduce it, but something similar that can play with a bit of overdrive would be great.

Is this pheasible? Do i need to do a lot of work, or just unscrew the old pickups and solder the new ones in? Will the wiring and pots be ok/ is it fairly easy to replace a 5 way selector if needs be?

Oh, and is it ok to take all 6 strings off to get at it, or should i try and keep as many on as possible?

Was looking at these pickups cos they seem to have a decent reputation, but don't know if i'll get the type of sound i want out of them. Don't want to spend more than £75 in total.


(just that one for the bridge, then something for the neck and middle). Maybe a pair of telecaster type pickups in the neck and middle, though not sure if the fitting would be the same

Cheers (sorry for all the questions!)
Pretty much any singlecoil will give you those things. The virtual vintages by DiMarzio are nice. At the strings, get used to changing strings. If you're cheap, just play them a little longer before swapping pickups. But strings are not something to be careful with, you play them, throw them away and put new ones on.
Just meant was it ok for the tension of the neck to leave them all off, i used to take them all off to restring but my flatmate reckons you need to do it one by one.

Because my guitar's not got a pickguard, do i need to look for a particular type of fitment? Also, do they have different ratings in terms of resistance (6.8k and other things i'm seeing?), and does this make a difference when wiring/ would putting two pickups designed for the neck in the neck + mid make for a bad sound?

Just done a quick scout on the net and it seems most use the same pickup in neck and mid, but not sure on this RW/RP stuff. Guess if i use the existing wiring i can't go too far wrong?

Leaning towards a pair of these


and one of these


(been listening to sound examples on the net, not the best way i know but will check out the dimarzio suggestion)

Will they even fit though?
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