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Melt (or cut through) the solder globs on the underside that attach the cover to the brass mounting plate.

It'll make the pup more "trashy' and bright.

I can't seem to locate the thing you are talking about, googling it didn't help much. If you could provide any sort of picture, or a just an easy explanation.

The pickup I'm talking about is a Seymour Duncan humbucker, once I remove the cover, is it going to look like a normal, cover-less pickup or am I going to be surprised by something hideous ? :P

Thanks again
Here is a picture of a cover being soldered on. Do the opposite of this picture to take it off.

EDIT: It is being held in a clamp, if you were wondering what all those extra bits are.
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Cheers for the pictures, just what I was looking for. I managed to get it off safely
Again, thanks for the help.