I have these fx: metal zone, EQ, compressor, chorus, delay, noise suppressor, tuner
In what order should i place these fx in my fx chain. (from amp to guitar).
The only one I can recommend for sure is the EQ, and probably the Chorus/Delay pedals. The thing about whether to use the FX loop or not is that it's all by taste, some guys like EQ's in front of the amp, others like it in the loop... try any and every combination...

Doesn't a delay pedal always go last?
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i would do it like this

GUITAR-compressor-metal zone-EQ-tuner-chorus-noise suppressor-delay-AMP
from guitar to amp (because it's easier for me to think this way):

guitar -> tuner -> compressor -> metal zone -> chorus -> EQ -> noise gate -> delay -> amp