Okay so i have a Peavey VK Halfstack and i was wondering how to set the different channels as boots for solos cause i have a gig this weekend and my channel switcher for the head hasnt came in yet so i need something to use to boost my sounds.
is there any way useing the eq or something on my Pod xtLive that i can use to boost my sounds for solos and what not?
you can set different EQ and effects to you basic tone on the podxt and puttting it on a different channel?

To do this easily download line 6 edit on the line6 website.

On 'A' I have my distortion sound
On 'B' Clean sound
On 'c' my lead sound
no im gonna be useing the distortion and clean on the amp but i want to use the pod xt live to boost the distortion channels for soloing