I didn't know where to post this, but here it goes.

I've bought this turntable today, and i'm using it with some speakers and (i think) the correct sort of amplifier.

Now i've got this amplifier (as seen below the turntable on the picture) on the "AUX/Phono" setting, and the leads from the turntable are hooked up to the "Aux/Phono" inputs of the amplifier, including the "ground" too.

My problem is that it's too quiet. With the volume turned up 100%, it's still not very loud, which is ridiculous for these type of speakers. Is there anything extra i need to buy for it to be louder or something. Have i set it up wrong, what's happening?

edit: it is a "remote integrated amplifier"
Is the phono pre-amp not working, or is your amp lacking one?
check and make sure that everything is plugged in right. Where the speaker wire connects to the amp, make sure that the wires with the stripe are right one on top of the other.
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Is the phono pre-amp not working, or is your amp lacking one?

should it have one built in, could that be it? I thought this was a preamp. I'm not sure, and confused...
so it looks like you have a power amp to drive the speakers and a turntable....
with that said, you need a mixer which comes with phono preamps to boost the signal from the record player...the power amp only drives the speakers.

Brian on youtube may be a little busy with his new house construction and such but I'm sure he can help with a few questions if you send him an email. Also go though some of his videos.


look though my faves on my youtube account and you will see some of his youtube tutorials that I saved.
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the preamp thing seems most likely.

look around on the amp, there might be a button that cuts the volume.