I just wanted to suggest that if you like playing in drop D or in lower tunings, go get the new ernie ball slinkies coated in titanium.

i felt like randomly changing my strings/trying out the new series (only 10 bucks, 5 bucks more than the typical nickel, but) and went for it.

when i strung them up and started playing, i tried to have a close mind about it, just because they were hyped up so much that i wanted to form my own opinion.

honestly, for people that are a fan of dark, clean guitar, these strings have an awesome tone for that purpose. theres just something very smooth about them, and of course they really do keep their tone when you tune them down. sure, the nickel strings did that, but i'm also someone who likes durability. now, i've only had these strings for a couple of days, but the titanium coating is supposedly supposed to really make a huge difference when it comes to string breakage, and losing their tuning.

so far, they haven't done me wrong. you know how when you first string a guitar, you have to wait a little while for the strings to really settle in? it took less than a day for that to happen...

anyways, sorry for creating a whole topic about a pack of strings, but i'm just really pleased with my 10 dollar purchase and i thought maybe i'd encourage some curious people out there...

anyone else give em a try yet?
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thanks! i've been thinking about trying these.
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i wanted to try those so bad but my guitar shop doesnt have em yet
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Something about titanium just doesn't seem like it should sound very good. It's just so light and tinny. I guess I'll hold off judgement until I can try them myself, but does anybody know what kind of affect they'll have on fretwear?