I'm looking for some good chill indie or electronica-type stuff. I really love just kicking back and listening to The Postal Service or Minus The Bear's Menos El Oso. what are some other good bands or albums that are in this vein and just really chill?
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-A good amount of Radiohead from OK Computer on as well as Thom Yorke's solo album, The Eraser, would fit what you're looking for. A lot of Gorillaz would too. Try some Holy Fuck also.

-You Forget it in People by Broken Social Scene is not so electronic but really chill indie music. Its an album I can sit down and relax to the whole thing.
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INDIE- noah and the whale,RA RA RIOT, the envy corps, the light years, little kingdoms, neutral milk hotel, the matches, pirouette , vhs or beta, spoon, mute math, digitalism, wolf in space, bear hands, kay kay and his weathered underground, sea bear, tokyo police club, MGMT, scissors for lefty, we are scientists, black kids, vampire weekend, abe vigoda, like clock work, the wombats, built to spill, cajun dance party,im a robot, arcade fire, iron and wine,wolf parade...
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I havent read through everything. but I saw indie, electronica, and chill and thought you might like stereolab. I might have my indie labels wrong but there pretty chill.
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M83 - Dead Cities or Saturdays=Youth
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^Yeah, It's Complicated Being a Wizard is probably the most chill album ever.

Also try some Sharks Keep Moving (Jake from MtB's other band), American Football, Owen, Caspian, Mineral, Moving Mountains, The Appleseed Cast, etc.
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Some trip-hop is really good for chilling. I'd recommend Dummy by Portishead or Mezzanine by Massive Attack.

either dandelion gum or start a people are incredibly excellent

also, if you can find it definitely check out Tobacco

and if youre up for it, i highly recommend animal collective, especially danse manatee if you dont mind some quite experimental stuff
Thievery Corporation
Air (moon safari + talkie walkie)
M83 -- though I must admit, they can't replicate their live sound on cd. which i admit is odd for an electro band.
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Try Dr. Dog. I don't know if they're what you're looking for, but they're pretty chill.

Also, Crystal Castle. They have a few pretty chill songs, but then again, some of their songs will slit your throat the moment you look away and then plant Salvia in your neck hole. I'd recommend checking them out anyway.
Mum, especially the album Finally We Are No One.
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the virgins, tv on the radio, justice, santogold, uhhh i have alot mor but idk if u want more stuff like that.
and ya crystal castles has some good songs. like crimewave,and some are just TOO much
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and ya crystal castles has some good songs. like crimewave,and some are just TOO much

Ha yeah, but that's why I love them.

Also, I just discovered a band called "New Young Pony Club". They're pretty good pop electronica, and you can just sort of zone on it.