Ok, I need some help here.

I've never done any guitar surgery and I wanted to install a bottom strap button on my Fender Gemini I acoustic guitar. This may be the wrong forum to post it in, and I realize that, but I'd like to see if anyone can help me.

I don't really need a top (neck) button because I have one of those loop-dealies that go around the headstock, I just need some advice as to how you drill into the body to attach the bottom button.

I don't want to damage my guitar, and I'd really want to know how to do this.
my advice is to take it to someone who knows that they're doing, it's way to easy to crack the wood when drilling into acoustic bodies.
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Drill a small pilot hole and make sure you measure the thickness of the end block inside the guitar and put a piece of tape where you drill to stabilize the finish. Then use a reamer to get the hole to the correct size for your endpin -- that's how you do it without damaging your finish. It's pretty easy except that a reamer costs $40-$50, which may cost more than having a shop do it.
Yeah just take it to a shop.

Did your endpin break or something? I had the same thing happen to me once...stupid plastic hardware....
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