I usually sit whenever playing or practicing, but I've noticed that it's a lot harder for me to play something I know while standing, especially when it comes to reaching for even basic chords around the first fret. Whatever I can play standing up, I play better sitting down, but some things I can play while seated I can't play at all standing up.

Should I try to practice exclusively standing up? Or could this just be a posture thing?
Learn the song sitting, and practice standing
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its practice. i'm a lot better sitting down too. but i just play as a hobby, nothing more so i dont worry about it...
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I had the same problem since I always sat down when I practiced, so I just set my guitar/bass to where it is when I sit. Works pretty well but it's still a little different.
it's easier to play sitting down, i think, but i always play standing cuz i just always have
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It depends on what you intend to do with your playing.

regardless of whether your just sitting at home playing or up on stage
it wouldnt be such a bad thing to learn to play standing
it will improve your playing all round and give you more versatility
around the fretboard
try standing up when you first try and learn the song if you cant manage that do it sitting down until you can stand up and do it. if you ever wanna play shows you really should learn to stand and play
Yeah I play alot better sitting but I started to stand up and im getting better.

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Start playing with your guitar higher while standing, it helps. If it really bothers you to have it that high, gradually lower it once it you get better.
I've never had this problem unless my strap was really low down, like near my waist. Try making the strap have the guitar higher up, it's just as comfortable with it closer to your face/hands asi t would be sitting down.
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I actually play standing up a lot more than I do sitting down. I do occasional sit when playing, but not very often. It's easier for me to step on my pedals when I'm standing. The only time I'm ever really sitting and playing is when I am on the computer and looking up tabs. I sit at the computer for the 15 to 20 minutes it takes me to memorize a song, and then I'm usually stading when I'm practicing it.