Ok, so im saving up my money right now, and im looking to get a few new things, i am looking to get a traben array attack 4 bass, a DigiTech BP200 Bass Modeling Processor (it is an effects pedal with a drum machine and tuner), and a Rocktron Utopia Bass Wah Pedal, its going to cost me about $640. Is this a good deal altogether, or can i get better deals with other pedals?

Bass: Yamaha RBX170
Amp: Fender Rumble 100
Pedal: Boss BOD-3 Bass overdrive pedal
The bass is good, and IIRC the DigiTech gets good reviews here...but if you're getting the BP200, which has a wah built in, why get the Utopia?

Were it me, I'd ditch the BP200 and start building a real pedal board. Going by your profile, you're a metal guy, so I'd say with the $150 from the Digitech, instead get an Ibanez PD-7 and PH-7, and a 1-Spot power supply to power everything. You can add to this later.



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Yea i agree with mutan corn. And maybe a eq would be a good buy they fine tune your sound and make it just what you want.
I own the BP200 after letting someone in a store convince me to buy one. Its ok for home practice but if you are looking at serious pedals, mutant corn is right; put the money towards building a pedal board. I get more use out of the drum machine function than I do the effects and modeling functions.