So all of my friends have recently picked up paintballing, and i've always extremely enjoyed playing it. I've never owned a paintball gun before but would like to get one so i can join in on the fun. I dont wanna spend alot of money because it will wont be used a ton, but i dont want a garbage gun. I will be playing woodsball btw. From what ive been told supposedly spyders are the best. Id just like a recommendation on a good gun.

EDIT: So Ive Basically decided on the 98 custom, Can anyone give me some upgrades that would make this gun faster, or more accurate that aren't too expensive?
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I would say buy something used, possibly a spyder, cause line 6 makes good amps.

On another note, buy a used gun.
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i don't care what anyone says, don't get a spyder...i work at a paintball field and i get more people coming up to me asking me what's wrong with their spyder than any other marker. if you're playing woods the best beginner marker and even advanced marker would be a tippmann. plenty of ups for them and they're a good solid mechanical marker.
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get the good ol tippmann 98 custom, alot of easy upgrades for the gun if you ever wanna change it up abit and tippmanns a damn good company
dont get a spyder... the suck so bad... definitely go for the tippman 98 custom
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Any of those should work fabulously.

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Tippmann is pretty good. Look into the A-5 and the 98 custom.

Also check out Diablo markers, they are pretty good for the price as well.
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Any of those should work fabulously.

i used to have that second one from the top. it was a beast
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Another recommendation for Tippmann.
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