Well, me and my band have been talking about performing at small parties and stuff (sadly, we won't be ready in time for New Years), and we want to run completly off our own gear, and I had a couple questions. We're a trio, me on bass (only a 38w amp, but it's all we got for now), our guitarist/vocalist (he's got a 90w tube amp, I think he's pretty much set), and our drummer, who, for a small gig, probably won't need to mic his drums. But our mic sucks, and we're just using my friends 12w guitar amp for the mic amp. Would using a CD/MP3 input on my friends amp work, or will we need a mic amp? I just want to know, will this setup work (other than the obvious hurt on the 38w bass amp) once we get a new mic?
get a shure sm58 for vocals - it's about 100 bucks.. but will live longer than you

and get a PA system that's over 100 watts.
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38w for small parties isn't really that little...

You can get an XLR-to-1/4" cable. That would let you run your mic straight into the guitar amp. I've used a half-stack as the pa for my entire band before... it can work (granted, I play acoustic guitar, so there's not really any effects, but still).
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mic-amp? u mean a PA?

and you should probably get a bigger amplification for the mic, try getting a cheap PA, you can get em at a pawn shop that sells music gear, or a bigger guitar/bass amp

but besides vocals, yes, you'll eventually need a bigger bass amp though
Basically a PA system would be the best for you. Your amp should do .

I mean...how much do you have to spend?
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Forgot to say, we are completly broke. I think our drummer has about $50, but I'm not sure how much he'll give up, and me and the guitarist are broke, because we payed $20 (not as good of a deal as you'd think if you saw the drumset) for a spare drumset for him, so we wouldn't have to carry it around. We need the cheapest suggestions possible. And to the rambler, what does the XLR-1/4 change? The mic can already run through a guitar input.

Edit: Is XLR the standard output for mics? If so, we have a wierd mic...
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