I got a Schecter Hellraiser 7 string for Christmas and I need a case for it. I was wondering if it would fit in a Coffin Case (I'm guessing that it probably will but could somebody please let me know).
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if u get a universal one

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Yeah most likely. Coffin Cases are great. Except, I know a guy that bought one for his squier, so he has cheaper quality guitar in a top of the line guitar case. Kinda... fishy to me. Personally I like the rectangle cases.
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Honestly. Coffin Cases are unnecessarily large. I can't stand them. It'll fit. You might have too much room to be honest. My friend can fit his Rand Rhoads in it with room to spare. Not saying it's the same size as what your looking at.


I use that case. It's like a pound at most. It's basically a very light hardcase I can imagine the specs fitting that well. Honestly. I think if you get it you will be satisfied.