ey up, im new to this site an was just wandering if anyone new where i can get alkaline trio hell yes tab, the one on this site dosent seem right to me, my friend showed me once, a different version that was right, i forgot it, fell out wi friend and now i cant find where he got the tab. id be greatfull for any help. thanx
i found a version that claims to be 100% correct and sounds right. pritty simple. shame im not good enuf to figure these things out myself. if any one is looking for it i found it on 911 tabs, number two on the list.
Did you look at the guitar pro tab? it seems pretty right.
The Tab one is totally wrong although the intro is pretty close.

btw, glade to see someone else loves this song
no i not seen the guitar pro, my pc is nackard so i can only use the net at friends or familys houses. im not sure about downloading on other peoples pc's, and they wouldnt let me anyway.