Just thought I'd contribute to this "great" forum, and this pool of bull****, so here it goes.

Mental Incarceration
My mind's full of grand thoughts
but I've got no direction!
No moral compass to guide me in life, It's personality disection!

Once I was full of ignorant bliss
but i lost my innocence
My eyes were blinded by one big haze, It all changed of one big blaze!

My eyes opened! I was free, free to ****ing see!
That the world was my new prison, and I'm serving life with no parole!
It all doesn't matter to me anymore, cause I ain't got **** to life for!

Putting thougths together is stress, all my words are one big mess.
I feel walls closing in, all I think is ****ing DO SIN!!

My eyes are open! I am free, free to mother****ing see!
That my head is my holding cell, and I'm serving life in my personal hell!
Does it matter, at all? It's my brain's that colour the bleak wall!
I've blow'n it all, I've lost my chance, but last I did it with elegance!

Just something I wrote in one go now, I'm feeling "creative"
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i like it, i can relate to it :P.

its straight to the point but has substance