i have no idea what title to give this thread. okay here's why its retarded..

okay words cannot explain this super wierd problem so, a video will:

is this normal??? if it is its freaking wierd. this only happens to my wah.

my amp is on the clean channel, none of the pedals in my chain are on. plugged into the guitar or not the wierd sound still occurs. and it only occurs with my wah. no other pedals cause this problem.
I don't know what could cause that but as long as it still works fine I wouldn't worry.
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Woah :S
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okay i've found out but it still puzzles me.

its the capacitors in the wah discharging.. someone explain please??!?!?
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I have no idea what's causing it but it's a cool door opening sound.

it sounds like a sci-fi space tropoper gun