I'm bored again, and this was pretty fun to do(the first time at least). Let's see if the pit isn't sick of these yet.

(btw you're 11 years old)


Your eyes shoot open at the sound of your alarm clock. God...not again. It was the same old **** every morning. You stare at your clock for awhile while the alarm keeps buzzing in your head. The time was only 5:20 - weird, you were sure you had set it last night for 6:15.

Looking to your door, you can tell that no one else is up. The whole house was dark, there probably wasn't a single light in the house lit.

Time to consider your options.


a) Go back to sleep.
b) Take a shower.
c) Wander around the house.
d) Get up and study quietly in your room, you do have that big science test today.
e) Go wake your dad up because your too scared to be the only one awake in a house.
f) Wake your older sister up for the same reason as above.
g) Go outside and shoot some hoops, just cause you can.

Choose wisely, pit.
h), then a)
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A it be.


You slowly reach your hand over to turn off your alarm. As the ringing stops you let out a sigh of relief. Now to get some more sleep...

Your eyes reopen slowly. Your room is almost entirely lighted up. As your realize what has caused this your heart sinks. Sunlight shones through your window. It was full daylight outside.

As you turn to the clock you nearly scream into reaction of what time it is - 10:40.

School started 3 hours ago.

Your first thoughts are those of rage. Your ****ing sister, why the hell didn't she wake you up. You soon forget about her and think about what you should do.

Was anyone even home? You couldn't be sure. Sometimes your parents worked at home, sometimes they didn't. You didn't hear any sounds indicating anyone was home, but would that really be enough?

If they were home, you could explain the situation to them, and then you could go to what was left of school. Maybe they would even let you stay home. Even if they weren't home, you could still call them.

School doesn't sound like very much fun though, certainly not what the cool kids were doing. Should you risk it and try to sneak out of the house?

It's your call.


a) Walk right out of your room, making it completely obvious that you're home.
b) Try to sneak through your door, and inspect the house for any signs of parents.
c) Try sneaking out the window in your room(getting out of your pjs first, this could cause too much noise and you might get found out.
d) Just stay in bed and go back to sleep, it's probably the safest place to be right now.
e) Yell for one of your parents to see if they're home.
I wonder if this will end up like the one with the 13 year old who got laid everyday...
D, absolutely D
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D it is.


You close your eyes and try to get some rest. Don't want to get into any trouble, the consequences seem to huge.

Unfortunetly your slumber doesn't last too long. You soon hear the front door slam shut, and your mom screams your name.

Immediately your eyes shoot open, looking at the clock you see that you were only asleep for 30 minutes.

"Where the hell are you? I got the call from your school dammit! Skipping school, not my boy!"

You feel cold sweat head down your temple. You had completely forgotten about the attendance calls.

What to do?


a) Stay in your bed and pretend to be asleep, maybe you can explain the situation to your mom when she gets in here.
b) Jump under the bed.
c) Get in the closet.
d) Open the window, climb out, and bolt it.
e) Sneak through your door and try to get to the front door without your mom noticing.

What'll it be?
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D wins.


Wasting no time, you through the covers from your body. You need to get out of your room, and fast. Careful not to make any noise, you make your way towards the window.

"Are you still asleep?!" You hear your mom scream from the otherside of the house. Uh oh, she's gonna check your room next.

Quickly you begin to unscrew the the screen to your window, while rolling the glass part with your other hand. Cold air rushes in immediately, making you realize that your pijamas might not be the best protection against the winter weather.

After a few seconds of unscrewing, the screen comes out nice and neatly. You throw it aside, hoping your mom doesn't notice when she opens the door. Your heart pounds harder with every second as your mom's footsteps get louder and louder.

You jump through your window, and slam the window shut behind you. Without looking back your start sprinting crazily towards the woods next to your neighborhood.

As you think you're in cover, you stop sprinting to catch a breathe. It now hits you how cold you are, and you try to cover your body up to keep it warm. Infront of you is a frozen creek, and snow is falling all around you.

To your right the creek leads to a more commericial part of town, you might find something fun to do.

To your left is more woods, who knows maybe you find some shelter?

What will it be?


a) Left
b) Right
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B ftw
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