between the recordings of my band i record some stuff of my own

mainly experimental, here it is -> www.myspace.com/deadstart

nevermind "crime of passion", that's from the band and i just havent been around to remove it.

edit: forgot to mention; i dont know how to play keyboards. i just picked mine up and..well, played away. so yeah the keyboard stuff probably isnt very good
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sounds really cool, interesting feel. I liked the Manhattan project but the some of the guitar work could've been better. 1990- yeah the keys work isn't the greatest, the piece doesn't really sound like anything special, but its a great start for not ever playing for very long. Milk- is kinda of simple and messy.

but overall a really cool project, can use some development but the first one has good potential

crit mine?

also could you rate the vid in my sig?
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