I am getting confirmed in January and plan to use the cash on a new guitar. I have about $150 now so between that, confirmation cash and saving from now till then I should be able to scrape up ~$600. These are the guitars I am considering:

Ibanez SZR720
Schecter C-1 Plus
Epi G-400, I've also considered the Tony Iommi G-400 I just wish it had fret markers past 12.
Hagstron Ultra Swede - no idea on the built quality but it looked nice

Just tell me if any of these suck total balls. If you could suggest others that would be nice too. As far as features go it just needs: Humbuckers, No floyd rose(sp?), and powerful pickups(NO EMGs), ascetically I'd love a flamed maple top, sunburst, and nice inlays but that doesn't really matter.

Oh, and it needs good access to the upper frets, a thin neck is preferable too.
i dont think you could go wrong with the c1 or or the ultra swede i got friends with them and they love him i got a friend with a g-400 he loves it but i hate it i think there pickups lack to much and i wont comment on ibanez cause ive never played one i really liked the sound of them but c-1 or ultra swede are the best quality in my opinion
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What kind of music do you listen too?

I'm guessing metal...

The Shecter C-1 Plus is supposedly really nice. I'd say just go to the store and play all of the guitars in your price range that meet your specs and see which one you like the best!
The C1 plus is the best of those. The G400 is okay stock, you can make them fairly good with some minor modifications... not sure about that Ibanez exactly, and I've never heard of the other one.

the Shecter sound cool but i hear getting any parts can be a bitch if your the type to get over exited on stage.

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I'd go with the Schecter. My friend has one and it's great. Plays great and is very versitile. BTW horray for using confirmation money on a new guitar. I did that myself last May to get my first electric and amp and everything. Congrats

GET THE C-1!!!!!!!!!
Experience points to Hagstrom!
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I actually don't play much metal, took me forever to find an Ibanez that i liked that didn't have EMGs. I play classic rock like The Who, AC/DC, Zepplin, and Sabbath.

I played the G-400 and a neighbors house and wasn't blown away, the neck was too thick for my tastes.

I really do love the C-1 and the Hagstrom just looked nice, it's cheap enough that i could afford a pickup swap if it needs it. The reason I asked is because none of these are at the local GC so I would need to have them special ordered and didn't want to order 4 guitars only to buy one they had in stock.