Can I disconnect the speaker in the combo while using the direct out recoring input in the amp to a 16 track digital recorder? I want to record without any sound coming from the amp.
no. you cannot do that without at least using a dummy load on.
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There is a switch near the effects loop (i think, i havent used the switch in a while). It is a line out for recording/headphone practice. It lets you use it as a line out while still providing load for the speaker. I think it is a preamp out basically...let me look at the manual really fast.


go to page 11 in adobe, page 7 in the paper manual if you print it.
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Just turn the master off, often the line outs bypass the master.
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there should be a rocker switch on the back that's labeled "silent recording." flip the switch to "mute" and plug the record/phones jack into the recorder.
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