Ok, I absolutely love the song. I have to do a senior project next may and I was thinking as part of it (trust me, there's a LOT more that I'm doing but I have to show that I "learned" something "fun") that I'd learn this entire song.

Since I have a year and a half to learn it, how should I approach it? I will obviously be playing other stuff while learning it, but want to have it completely memorized and be able to play it easily and with feeling by the time May 2010 rolls around. Should I learn like 20 seconds a week? Then spend the rest of the time just playing the entire song through 1-2 times per day?

I don't want to learn it within a few months and then relearn it a year later, but I also don't want to be rushed in learning it.

Anyone ever been in a similar situation where you had a really long time to learn a song? How did / do you recommend approaching memorizing it?

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Usually I learn parts and work on them until ive got them perfect then move on to the next section. Then all you have to do is put all the sections together and voila youve learned the song.
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Canon rock is already broken down into sections, sometimes by the melody (intro section, power chord section etc), and sometimes by the technique (sweep sections, legatto sections, tap sections, etc). Practice each section until you can play it in your sleep (you've got plenty of time, I wouldn't worry about that).
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the intro to it is piss easy, its all chords (mainly) moved around the fret board quickly.

pretty much if you practice it regularly and having the backing track you should be fine, until you hit the sweeping part, i still havent figure it out yet. but i havent really tried hard at it
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well with some songs i can learn in a day and i will play it alot untill i can do it with ease. but since you have such a long learning period, you need to know what you cant play on the song and work on that. idk just my opinion
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Yeah, I can play "Canon" on the piano, so I think those riffs will be easy.
However, I am absolutely horrid at sweep picking and am looking at this song as a way to improve my technique.
I'm not a Bible-thumper anymore. Realized I had a brain in '09.

I like guitars, running, and math.
I learned almost the entire song. Id suggest learning the whole thing somewhat quickly (maybe over a month or so) because i know when i take so long to learn something, i start to lose interest. Then once you know it, run through it every week or so and make sure you can play it smoothly.
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If I were you I wouldn't dedicate so much time to learning a single piece. If you're already a good guitar player it is not hard to pick up at all. Really, for the most part there is nothing to it really, there are some fills that can be troubling if you can't sweep pick, otherwise, shouldn't take but a few sessions to pick it up. I used to play it a bit for ****s and giggles when the backing track and tab first came out for it, I mean it's a fun track that is good practice, and I picked it up relatively quickly, but I had already played for many years by that time...
it took me 2 weeks to learn that song and i must say it is very challenging for me cause i barely know how to sweep pick.memorize the whole piece then practice untill its perfect
If you do learn to play it, don't put it on youtube.

The world of youtube does not need any more covers of canon rock
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