God Guitar Pro takes FOREVER to write down stuff. Then you got to get the beats right and whatever.. But here is what I have been working on... Working on solo now. This will be the backing piece to my song, not really supposed to be an instrumental with no vocals like alot of songs I have seen.

Listen to the song Love and War by Drowning Pool, and that will be my influence for this song.. I am not copying it, just getting ideas..

Please give feedback, good or bad, that is how people get better, by learning from mistakes..

Also, I am just going to record songs straight from the guitar, this just takes too long..

Haha well first mate you have to learn how to attach a file! Put a GP5, GP4, and a MIDI in a zip file and attach it using the forum. Ill give it a listen. If you want some comparisons check out some of my songs in my sig.
I did the attachment, but nothing happened, but then I found a link on my profile so I just posted that.. It works though so thats all that matters lol.
Doesn't work for me either. Put the GP file in a zip folder then use the Attach Files button when you post.