I just recently bought and set up (my self) a new guitar to be played in B. I had another guitar that did the same thing but was getting rid of it anyway so i never tried fixing it. The problem im having is when i fret individual strings (even open) i get an oscillating noise. i think i set the guitar up pretty well. for strings im using .012 - .056's. the guitar is an epiphone prophecy sg. i had this like i said on one other guitar (gibson voodoo sg) and am very curious as to why this happens.

thanks for any help!,
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oscillating what? volume? pitch?

the sound as if you were tunning two string to pitch. that up and down noise. so yea i guess pitch.
Sounds like the pickups may be too close to the strings. Try sinking them down into the body a little more, thus increasing the distance between the string and the pole of the pickup.
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Sounds like the pickups may be too close to the strings. Try sinking them down into the body a little more, thus increasing the distance between the string and the pole of the pickup.

active EMG's. could that still be the problem? actualy now that i think of it the voodoo i had problems w/ i had just swapped emg's into as well. hmm.
You can just try and see if distancing the pickups would work....if not, then just put them back to the original positions.
Do you mean fret buzz?

Depending on what tuning it was before, going all the way down to B might require truss rod adjustment.
you're not talking about sypmathetic string resonance, are you? if this is happening when you're just playing single notes, then try muting all other strings that aren't being played.
lets say you're playing a B-flat on the high E string. that frequency will cause the Open B string to ring out and sound very dissonant. i suppose it can happen with notes that are further away from each other as well, since the whole guitar is resonating with that one string.

if you go to youtube and do a search for robchappers then search his videos for the word "clean" he has 2 demo vids on technique. its completely changed my picking technique

hope this helps
Is it like a sitar type sound? If so, I had the same problem on my telecaster and it turned out to be the nut. Slots could either be cut too low causing the sting to buzz slightly, creating the wavering, or the slots cut at a wrong angle causing the same noise. I had the nut replaced and it fixed the problem.
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thanks guys for all your input! haz_uk, that vid is def what im talking about but its w/ fretted strings too. i actualy put down my love for d'adario strings for this guitar and used the "not so slinky" set of ernie's. one thing i did notice about the guitar when i first bought it was the originial set up was weird. it was strung w/ either 9's or 10's (not sure but light gauge) and sounded horrible at the top of the neck. i didnt want to play it in standard tuning anyhow so i tried out some thicker strings set to get a feel for what i wanted and was going to have it set up prof. to my surprise the nut housed all the larger strings like it was ment for it and did not have to cut the nut at all. it played a hell of alot better at the top of the neck then w/ the stock light guage strings. i adjusted the truss rod and bridge and let it rip. it sounds pretty good. i think it could use a prof set up but i got it close.

I tried muting other strings to make sure it was picking up resonance from other strings but it still does it. its really anoying when only playing one string at a time and is more prominent at lower frets. im woundering if its a bum nut. ive never set up a guitar for such a low tuning before but have never seen a nut cut like that from the factory. the action is almost spot on although i do get some fret buzz on the e string. anythoughts?

thanks again guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The stop tailpiece may be transmitting the vibrations too well into your guitar. If it's cranked down all the way onto the top, try raising it a little to see if that helps.
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