Look at the original first..
(dont try looking at it with the outlines. im just shwoing where they are.)

On the Center rock u can see a cartoon head

In the rock left from the center, there is a half a face coming off the right side of the stone. i thought it looked like Hunter Burgen from AFI

**On that same rock..there is a lighter figure that looks like an airplane..if u look and dont focus too hard, u can see the twin towers. its like an above kinda movie shot of it.**try not to focus too hard. ull see it

-The entire left-center side of that rock is the shape of a cartoon character's head

The rock 2 left from the center. u can see a dick with a guy standing next to it

Circled is what appears to be Toad. u might want to zoom in to see it.
i should have done this originally. instead of being an idiot and letting people get it themselves. my bad
There's this thing called the edit button.
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brot pls
Please tell me you didn't waste your time trying to see that, but you heard it somewhere.
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If there's anything to take away from this thread, anything at all, it's to always cup the balls.

Top trolling abilities.

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God dammit you had me 10/10
LSD has many harmful effects on the body.
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LSD has many harmful effects on the body.

Yes, like posting threads like this.
I sorta get it... I def saw the dick one.
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So that's why they call it the petunia.

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Well there you go.
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theres a dick right there

Holy **** you just made my day.
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Holy **** you just made my day.

glad to be of service

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